Classification of tea
Black Tea
Green Tea
Dark Tea
Oolong Tea
Black tea is a fully fermented tea The fermentation of Black Tea gives most dry tea a dark brown luster, so black tea is called "black tea" in foreign countries. Fermentation makes the aroma more specialized, and the basic aroma is sweet.
Green tea is the only non-fermented tea among the six types of tea that retains more natural substances in the state of fresh leaves. Thus formed its "clear soup green leaves, fresh and pleasant" characteristics. Aroma is an important "indicator" to distinguish various types of green tea. The representative flavor of different teas will also be different.
Black tea is the only post-fermented tea in the six kinds of tea, generally pressed into tea bricks, varieties of tile, blue brick, Fu brick, Kang brick, rice brick, black brick, Tuo tea, cake tea, etc. Black tea has a better role in reducing fat and losing weight. Black tea with a "rough" appearance seems to be difficult for people to accept when they first see it, but as the "tea of life" in the history of frontier people for thousands of years, it has a strong "BUFF" that can actually solve greasy and aid digestion.
Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea. There are many kinds and schools of oolong tea in China. The industry is often divided into "four representatives" according to its different origin - northern Fujian Oolong, southern Fujian Oolong, Guangdong Oolong and Taiwan Oolong. Oolong tea pays attention to rhyme, the so-called "fragrance has a different rhyme, not oolong", different soil and water breed different oolong charm, Anxi Tieguanyin "Guan Yin rhyme", Wuyi rock tea "rock rhyme", Phoenix single cluster "mountain rhyme" and so on.
Composition of tea
Tea polyphenols
Tea polysaccharide
Tea polyphenols are the general name of phenolic substances in tea and play the role of anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, anti-aging, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar and preventing arteriosclerosis
Caffeine is the highest content of the ingredients in tea to stimulate, strong heart, diuretic, sober up, aid digestion
Tea polysaccharides are heteropolysaccharides composed of different monosaccharides It can prevent internal bleeding, increase white blood cells and platelets, and treat diabetes
Theanine is a unique amino acid in tea It plays the role of relaxing tension, lowering blood pressure, anti-fatigue, inhibiting tumor, lowering lipid and enhancing memory
Theaflavins are the products of oxidation of polyphenols It has the effect of anti-toxicity, antibacterial, anti-cardiovascular disease, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer
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