Li Gang
Founded the JZ&DM advertising agency, serving "Coca-Cola", "Philips", "Heineken beer around the world", "Hennessy", "Adidas" and other global well-known brands. Planned and designed the "World Manufacturing Conference", "Belt and Road Chinese Brand Internationalization Forum", "Shanghai Equestrian Exhibition" and other high-level forums. In 2020, Mr. Liu Gang officially joined the Chinese tea beverage business, proposed and cold brew fresh tea creative, open a new chapter in life.
Zhou Ming
National distributor management center
Rich experience in dealer operation and management, has worked in Shanghai Qingmei Green Food Co., LTD., Shanghai Lady Food, etc Won the annual Outstanding Contribution Award jointly issued by Nestle and Mistle.
Huang Chunxiang
Master degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 15 years of marketing experience. Vice President of Tea Industry Committee, China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation.
Cai Ya
R&d consultant
He has been engaged in research at the University of London Medical School and Unilever UK Research Institute, and has studied tea on all continents in the world for 20 years, and has been committed to developing high-quality tea drinks. In 2002, Dr. CAI chaired the founding of Unilever China Research Institute, which was awarded the Magnolia Award by Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng for its outstanding contributions.
Liu Liping
International R&D Consultant
With 30 years of working experience in state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, private enterprises and overseas, rich business and management experience in fully operating companies, especially good at government affairs, legal affairs and public relations affairs of enterprises. Familiar with the rules of product operation in the market, familiar with import and export trade, rich experience in business practice.
Li Dong
Fund group
Managing Partner and President of Caizhong Financial Holding, Chairman of Smart Place Marketing, Vice Chairman of Business Review, GOIPO Capital Alliance, GOIPO Industry Research Institute/initiator
Wei Sili
E-commerce division
He was the brand director of Chevron Corporation in China, participated in the strategic transformation design of Aluminum Corporation of China, the information transformation of Kohler in the United States, and served as the executive director of the Disney project of Hosa Group, China's largest listed swimwear company. Leading plum umbrella industry A-share listing.
Zhou Zuojun
With nearly 20 years of practical experience in the Internet field, he once worked for a financial service company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, participated in the construction of many bank settlement systems and trading systems, and also worked for Tencent Technology, Shanda Network, Mother and Child Home and other first-class listed companies at home and abroad, and held important technical and management positions, with large-scale Internet platform planning, design, construction and operation capabilities.
Yu Zhonghua
Consulting consultant
The first institutional investor of Jingdong Mall, he has served as founding partner of Today Capital, authorized officer of UBS Bank, Vice president of Prudential Securities, executive director of Baring Asia Investment Company, general manager of Sales and trading Department of Everbright Securities, general manager of asset management headquarters, and director of research Institute. Presided over the operation of several major projects. Familiar with consumer goods industry, good at corporate strategy research, etc.
Xu Zongying
Fund group
Founder and chairman of Tongguang Capital. Engaged in entrepreneurship and investment and financing services for more than 10 years, successfully held more than 1,000 investment and financing activities, rich experience in the field of investment and financing, founded Tongguang Capital in 2005, helped hundreds of enterprises to achieve project financing and listing, the financing amount reached 3 billion yuan, more than 40 enterprises listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange center
Jing Yi
Fund group
Together with Dr. Chen Hong, the leader of the new economy in China and the chairman of Hanergy Investment Group, we co-founded the Hanjing Family. It has created an ecological management system for fund investment, filling the gap of China Market Fund (FOF) and making it the leading Family Office in China.
Xu Peijin
International division
Graduated from the University of Greenwich Malaysia, UK, with nearly 20 years of experience in Malaysia, he has a high understanding and knowledge of the Malaysian culture, customs and market. The founder of GongfuTea Malaysia, operating Cover is the development of tea in Malaysia.
Cai Zhefeng
Chief product designer
Senior precision instrument development engineer, participated in the development and production of Apple's first computer host display all-in-one product/mold in the company, participated in the development of Apple's first two-color LCD screen frame plastic parts and mold in the company, and successfully developed the CNC machining process to remove the water nozzle on the product to ensure the flatness of the product surface.
Huang Zheng
Consulting consultant
Vice President of China Tea Society Vice President of China Tea Circulation Association Executive Vice President of Shanghai Tea Industry Association
Jiang Weijun
Fund group
President of Shanghai Wencheng Chamber of Commerce Chairman of Pangu Venture Pangu Entrepreneurship as a "double and innovation industry comprehensive service platform", Lujiazui base will become a model of "innovation + venture capital", providing a reference template for local development of double and innovation industry, providing solutions for double and innovation institutions, promoting the industrialization and capitalization of science and technology projects, and providing one-stop services for industrial investment and upgrading transformation for local governments and parks
Zhang Jiaqian
Product director
Designer and foodie. She has been engaged in brand graphic design for a long time, and has accumulated rich work experience in her work, and has profound insight into product design.
At the same time, she is also a treasure mother, not satisfied with the food safety and shopping experience in the Chinese market,she is carefully designing and developing a new generation of "buying tea and drinking tea" in accordance with the mainstream needs of current consumers.
Zhang Songbo
R&d consultant
Founder of Tang people biology in Yunnan. Yunnan Tangren Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2003. The production base is located in the national Economic and Technological Development Zone of Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, covering an area of 262 mu. It is a high-tech enterprise in Yunnan Province. It is a new ecological industry chain enterprise integrating ecological tea garden planting, tea finishing, tea and herbal plant technology deep processing, research and development, production and sales.
Zhu Qianmeng
Consulting consultant
The king of supermarkets Shanghai Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice president Chairman of Shanghai Penglian Industrial Group Co., LTD With a property of 1.6 million square meters and more than 3,000 local employees, it is one of the largest private supermarkets in Shanghai. The group has invested in eight industries: supermarket, logistics, real estate, hotel, knitting, equity investment, culture and entertainment, training and consulting.
Wang Aiming
Fund group
The head of the key industry fund of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Fund in Hainan Province is mainly engaged in equity investment, with a management scale of 10.8 billion yuan, investing in more than 70 high-quality projects, and more than 20 have been listed (withdrawn).