February Gaishi Hero© stunning appearance
March Gaishi tea international trade branch the company settled in Shanghai Nanqiao Industrial Park
In March Gaishi tea to Yunnan to create China the road to high-quality development of tea industry
The first batch of pre-sale orders exceeded 5 million
April to Beijing to participate in the Malaysia-China Business Forum, Gaishi Tea® to fully explore overseas markets!
In April, we joined hands with Penglian Group to promote the revival of Chinese tea
The preparatory group of China tea industry Fund was officially launched
In May, I went to Wansu to experience the "Red May" to explore the market development and seek the takeoff of enterprises
In May, the "Liu Gang Tea Industry Innovation and Change and Gai Shi Tea International Strategy Conference" was officially held
In June, it appeared in Shanghai "the third Social Enterprise and Social Responsibility Forum and Deshenhui-Hui Global 102A Region Inheritance Conference.
Mr. Gang Liu, CEO and innovator in the tea industry, presented the award to Mr. Lee Seung-hyun, winner of the "Asian Influence Pioneer Song" award.
Appearing at the 2023 New Wave Brand Conference
In July, Gaishi all-media operation Center was completed
Shooting the first TVC commercial with AKB48 Team SH
Platinum sponsor of the 4th Bastille Day dinner
In July, media signing and brand meeting were held
In July, the Gaishi Tea® general title JingwutanJFC "Interbreed Fighting" competition was held
2023 "Voice of China" designated tea drink
Into the 20th ChinaJoy, the country Chao tea drink link Z generation
In August, Wu Yien's "Girl Calling for Peace" painting was welcomed
Kun Brai's seven paintings once again link the Gaishi tea® with Yunnan
New model of school-enterprise cooperation in March! Gaishi joins hands with college students to create a better future!
March Gaishi tea ® stunning "2023 New Economy Business Growth Summit Forum" black gold Pu 'er World fame
In January, won the "Most Influential Award" of the 2021 Round A School
In November, it debuted at the fourth China International Import Expo