take out the cap
drinking water bottle cap
put the cap on the bottle
tighten the cap clockwise
dust-proof cap
down the red top
release tea powder
give it a shake
quotable to drink
Treat the world to a bottle of Chinese KungFu Tea
Put Chinese famous tea into the bottle cap, from complex to simple, anytime, anywhere instant drink. With the natural blend and resonance of the mountains, and the collision and echo of the Oriental wind. Pu 'er, Maofeng, Qimen, Oolong, Longjing...... "Tea of the East"
Quality tea source is our foundation
We believe that quality tea sources are the key to our success. We pursue the highest quality tea, and through strict selection and unique craftsmanship, ensure that every cup reaches exceptional quality. We work with tea plantations around the world to personally inspect them, in order to give consumers the best experience. Our fundamental is the persistent pursuit of raw materials, only in this way, we can bring you the best tea flavor and taste.
Health driving tea brewing is the key
The reason for the sudden explosion of the sugar-free tea industry is because of the great awakening of global health awareness. According to effective survey data, after the epidemic, about 35% of consumers in the world pay more attention to fat control and sugar control in diet, and Chinese consumers' demand for healthy diet is even higher than the global level, and the proportion of consumers who pay attention to sugar control and fat control reaches 44%.
The first episode of 《The Voice of China 2023》 will be broadcast
That night, there was Gaishi tea® brand founder, CEO and innovator in the tea industry, Mr. Liu Gang attended...
Shanghai Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce walks into Gaishi Tea
On the afternoon of August 1, 2023, the Shanghai Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce came to Gaishi Beverage for an inspection...
Gaishi Tea media signing and brand meeting was a complete success!
On July 14, Gaishi Beverage held a media signing and brand meeting at the Pangu Entrepreneurship Center in Lujiazui, Shanghai...
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